Festival Vision

The aim of the festival is the enrichment of the cultural life of Luhačovice and the progress of live musical, dramatic, dance, visual art, literary and film forms.

At the same time, through talks, lectures and presentations the festival plays an educational role.

Through a no-compromise programming, we test that, which we find the most interesting, new, visionary, unproven and unique on our viewers.

We focus on genre fusions and overlaps. Our main interest is live art and performance in public space.   

The festival operates on a volunteer basis.

It revitalizes the spa environment and enriches the calm spa town.

The outdoor events are admission free and thus refresh the local culture and community, create public space, healthy town environment and offer identity forming elements to the community.

The festival is a platform for meeting and discussion, in which the organisers, visitors, citizens, local entrepreneurs and representatives of the town and its institutions all take part.  

The aim of the festival is the progress of spa culture as a sociocultural phenomenon and to contribute to the process of bringing this cultural tradition up to date.